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The Secret to Weight Loss is...

The secret to losing weight and to maintaining a healthy weight is proper serving size and PORTION CONTROL. Most people do not realize how much typical serving sizes have grown over the years. (Click here to see examples of "portion distortion".) The new, patent-pending Dish Diet™ portion sized plates and portion control method can easily help you learn to eat the right serving size for you.

The Problem: Diets Don't Work!        

You've tried them all, with little or no long-term success. The list of problems with diets seems endless: you feel constantly hungry, cranky and deprived; your surroundings encourage overeating; the expense is outrageous; the food is limited, boring or tasteless; counting points or calories is complicated; etc. Plus, as soon as you stop dieting, the weight comes right back!

The Solution: Right Portion Sized Plates                
Change Your Dishes, Change Your Life!                

Say Goodbye to expensive, complicated diets. Say Hello to Dish Diet™ Sized Dishware!

Dish Diet™ sized plates and bowls are a NEW, patent-pending solution to your weight problems. A SIMPLE and SAFE way to loose weight and learn to eat right for life.

    Step 1 - Replace your dishes with new Dish Diet™ sized dishware.
    Step 2 - Follow the easy directions and a few simple tips in our book "The Dish     Diet: Watch Your Plate Not Your Weight" and begin eating normal foods.

That's it. You won't starve yourself, spend a lot of money, count calories or eat tasteless food. You can basically eat the same things you are eating now. The difference is serving size portion control with the new portion sized plates and bowls.

Doctors and Nutritionists recommend portion control as the healthiest way to lose weight. With the special Dish Diet™ sized dishware portion control system, you can loose weight while changing your eating habits. You can STOP "Yo-Yo" dieting and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Don't Wait. Get Your Dish Diet™ Sized Dishware NOW !Take Charge of Your Weight, Your Health & Your Life!

         The Dish Diet™ Portion Control Plates and System Are Patent-Pending.

Important Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

1. NEVER eat food directly out of the package. Whether it is a meal or a snack, ALWAYS put one serving of food on a plate or in a bowl, and put the rest of the food away.

2. If you want to eat more after finishing what is on your portion plate, WAIT 10-20 minutes before going back for seconds. Your brain needs at least 20 minutes before you feel full.

3. ALWAYS sit at the kitchen or dining room table to eat. NEVER eat watching TV, standing over the sink, or driving your car.

4. Eat mindfully - think about the serving size. Pay attention to what you are eating and enjoy the experience. You may be surprised at how little it really takes to feel satisfied.



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