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Read Our Book to Find out how!

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Children Can Learn to Eat Right Size Portion

with the help of our Classic Characters Goldilocks and Three Bears Updated

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Start the Dish Diet™ Today!
Three Easy Steps

STEP 1: Read Our Book
STEP 2: Get Your Dishes
STEP 3: Size your own dishes.



Includes Everything You Need To Succeed:

* 9-piece set - 5 plates and 4 bowls
* "The Dish DIet: Watch Your Plate, Not Your Weight" paperback book
* Easy step-by-step instructions

These porcelain dishes are all dishwasher and microwave safe.

You can start the Dish Diet™ today! The Dishware just makes it completely effortless.

There's an EASY NEW WAY to LOSE WEIGHT! Read Our Book to Find out how!


Are you tired of "yo-yo" dieting? All the major diet programs have been in place for decades and obesity is still growing by leaps and bounds.

These programs do not work! Why not? Because they make you count points or calories, weight or measure, or eat boring prepackaged food. They make you think about food constantly. "What can I eat? When can I eat it?" And even worse, as soon as you stop dieting, you gain back all the weight and then some.

Dish Diet™ is Different!

The Dish Diet™ is a new patent-pending diet that will help you lose weight and keep it off permanently. The Dish Diet™ represents the true meaning of the word diet: the food you eat. (The word "diet" comes from the latin diaeta, meaning a "way of life".)

You get to eat the foods you like and still lose weight. NO counting. NO measuring. Take few minutes to measure your dishes using our patent pending formula and start your new way of life. Go to DISHSIZE.COM to get the sizes of your dishes for free! Just follow the directions and use the patent-pending Dish Diet™ sized dishware for all your meals and snacks. BUY THE BOOK NOW

It's Simple!

Easy to follow set of instuctions will tell you how the Dish Diet™ works and how the dishware is used to help you.

It's Affordable!

The Dish Diet™ is a one time purchase. The cost is minimal compared to every diet plan you may have tried. Once you size your own dishes your whole family will benefit at no additional cost or effort.

Anyone can do it!

No matter what special diet you're on, you can continue to use it along with the Dish Diet™ to help you loose weight! Diabetes, gluten-free, vegeterian, you name it, the Dish Diet™ is compatible with any other restrictive diet you are on - just ask your doctor!

It's Personalized and Private!

Whether you want to lose weight as fast as possible, or you want to lose it slowly, with the Dish Diet™ you can. It can even help you prevent gaining weight in the first place. No need to count points or calories. The dishware is made to look like your dishware, no one needs to know you're on a diet.



"The Dish Diet™ will put you on track to become thinner and healthier."

     - Dr. Melissa Milan
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   "I have been using the Dish Diet™ plan for 4 weeks. I have had great results. It is so EASY! I LOVE IT!

   "I just bought a set for my 26 yr. old daughter. She can't wait to start using them...

   "I don't know why it works! But it does. I got results! It's amazing!"

   - Karen K. (New Jersey)
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Go to DishSize.com™ and size all your own dishes for free.

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