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The Dish Diet™ weight-loss system is based on the latest scientific research and is recommended by health professionals.

A message from Mary Franz, Registered and Licensed Dietitian:

As a dietitian I am often asked which weight loss diets are the most effective. Though many of the popular diet plans do result in lost pounds, few are effective in keeping weight off, usually because they are too restricted or unrealistic. In this review I will talk about Dish Diet™, a new product that offers a unique approach for achieving weight loss.

The Dish Diet™ program was developed as a means to counter "portion distortion" - the "super-sized" portions found in many snack and fast foods and restaurants meals. It contains a set of portion control plates and bowls designed to help people lose weight by gradually decreasing the amounts of food they eat.

To many, losing weight through portion control may seem like an old idea. However, larger portion sizes mean that Americans are now consuming 2-3 times more calories than they did 20 years ago, a fact that is contributing to an epidemic of overweight and obesity. As a result, many doctors and nutritionists agree that eating smaller portions of food over time may be the single-most effective strategy for lasting, healthy weight loss. In fact, clinical trials are now studying portion control as a means of achieving weight loss in overweight individuals with diabetes and other medical problems.

The Dish Diet™ program is very simple to use. You begin by choosing a portion control plate that closely resembles your usual dinner plate. For one week you eat all of your meals from it. Then you move to the next smaller plate in the set. Over time, eating smaller portions and fewer calories results in weight loss.

How much weight can you expect to lose using the Dish Diet™ portion control plates? By gradually switching to smaller portion plates, you can reduce your intake by hundreds of calories a day. By eating just 200 fewer calories daily ---- a cup of pasta or two tablespoons of butter ---- you can expect to shed about 2 pounds a month, and more when the program is combined with regular exercise. Nutritionists agree that this type of gradual, steady weight loss is best, since it avoids breakdown of muscle tissue and stress on the heart and kidneys, and is more likely to keep weight off than restricted diets.

Other benefits of the Dish Diet™ Program include:
      • No dangerous drugs or supplements
      • No "forbidden" foods
      • No special foods to buy or strict meal plans
      • No starvation or crash dieting
      • Less hunger and fewer cravings and binging
      • Increased awareness of appetite and "fullness"
      • Self-paced, gradual change in eating habits

It is important to note that as with any weight loss program, regular exercise and eating a variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables, are important when following the Dish Diet™ plan. The Dish Diet™ program makes it easy because you can continue to eat all of your favorite foods. When used properly, the Dish Diet™ program offers a safe, simple, and effective way to lose weight, as well as a means to achieve healthy, lasting changes in eating habits. I am happy to recommend the Dish Diet™ plan to anyone looking for a great way to manage their weight.

Mary Franz, MS, RD, LD

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