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"The Dish Diet™ plan is supported by solid scientific evidence."
  - Dr. Melissa Milan

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Dish Diet™ Portion Control Plates

Dish Diet™ Portion Control Plates
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Are you tired of "yo-yo" dieting? Tired of trying the latest diet fads with no result? Tired of starving yourself, only to see the weight come back again and again?

Well, you can finally say good-bye to deprivation diets. Adios to hunger. So long to counting calories or points. Good riddance to expensive, prepackaged foods.

Now, you can lose weight while eating foods you love.

The Dish Diet™ Plan Puts YOU In Control

Why Diets Don't Work!

We spend billions of dollars each year on weight loss diets and products. All the major diet programs have been around for decades. New programs seem to spring up almost daily. But obesity rates are still climbing every year.

These programs do not work for most people! Why not? Here are just a few of the many reasons:

  • When you start a traditional diet, you immediately and drastically cut your calories by a third, a half, or even more. What happens? You feel hungry, cranky and tired. Your body goes into "starvation mode" and cuts your metabolism to conserve energy.

  • Diets make you count points or calories, weigh or measure your food, or eat boring prepackaged food. They make you think about food constantly. "What can I eat? When can I eat it?"

  • And even worse, as soon as you stop dieting, you gain back all the weight you may have lost, and then some.

All of these things make it very hard to succeed.

Dish Diet™ Plan is Different!

The Dish Diet™ plan is a new patent-pending diet plan that will help you lose weight and keep it off permanently. It is scientifically designed to work with your body and brain, not against them.

The Dish Diet™ plan represents the true meaning of the word diet: the food you eat. (The word "diet" comes from the latin diaeta, meaning a "way of life".) You get to eat the foods you like and still lose weight. NO counting. NO measuring. Just follow the directions and use the patent-pending Dish Diet™ dishware for all your meals and snacks.

It's Simple!

The patent-pending Dish Diet™ plan uses specially designed portion control plates which make it simple to learn to eat right. Your body easily adjusts to the gradual change in portion size when you follow the clear, step-by-step instructions included with the plan.

It's Affordable!

The Dish Diet™ Plan is a one time purchase. No more paying for meetings or frozen meals. Eat regular foods, even your favorite foods. The package you will receive includes everything you need to succeed. And it costs less than 1 month of many other Diet Plans.

Anyone can do it!

No matter what special diet you're on, you can continue to use it along with the Dish Diet™ plan to help you loose weight! Diabetes, gluten-free, vegeterian, you name it, the Dish Diet™ plan is compatible with any other restrictive diet you are on - just ask your doctor!

It's Personalized and Private!

Whether you want to lose weight as fast as possible, or you want to lose it slowly, with the Dish Diet™ plan you can. Once you reach your goal weight, it will help you maintain it. And it can even help prevent you from gaining weight in the first place.

No one needs to know you are on a diet. There are no public meetings to attend. You can even "fool" yourself, because the plates and bowls are made to look just like normal dishware.


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        Customer Feedback


   "I have been using the Dish Diet™ dishes for 4 weeks. I have had great results. It is so EASY! I LOVE IT!

   "I just bought a set for my 26 yr. old daughter. She can't wait to start using them...

   "I don't know why it works. But it does. I got results. It's amazing!"

   - Karen K. (New Jersey)


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