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Body Mass Index (BMI) FAQS

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a tool doctors use to identify potential weight problems in adults, by comparing an individual's BMI to the rest of the population. It is based only on your height and weight, and so is an easy screening tool. Although it is an indirect measurement, it has been shown to correlate closely in most cases to more direct measurements of body fat.

What Does My Body Mass Index (BMI) Mean?

Use your BMI to determine whether you are at a healthy weight. The chart below gives the ranges for underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese. If you find yourself in any category besides "normal" you should consult your doctor about ways to improve your health.

Standard BMI tables apply only to adults age 20 and older. The weight categories do not depend on age or gender. ( See the BMI Children & Teens Calculator for kids)

BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25.0 – 29.9 Overweight
30.0 and Above Obese

The Body Mass Index (BMI) Formula - How to Calculate BMI

Units BMI Formula and Calculation
pounds and inches BMI = 703 x weight (lb) ÷ [height (in)]2

Calculate BMI by dividing weight in pounds by height in inches squared and multiplying by a conversion factor of 703.

Example: Weight = 150 lbs, Height = 5’5” (65")
Calculation: 703 x [150 (65)2] = 24.96

kilograms and meters BMI = weight (kg) ÷ [height (m)]2

With the metric system, BMI equals weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. If height is measured in centimeters, divide height in centimeters by 100 to obtain height in meters.

Example: Weight = 68 kg, Height = 165 cm (1.65 m)
Calculation: 68 (1.65)2 = 24.98

Is Body Mass Index (BMI) Reliable?

Although there is a strong correlation between body fat and the BMI calculation, there are some other considerations to take into account:

For a given BMI, women usually have more body fat than men, and older adults have more than younger people.

Althletes sometimes have a high BMI because of increased muscle mass.

Also, waist circumference is an important measurement since abdominal fat is a risk-factor for obesity-related diseases.

What Are the Health Risks Associated with Obesity?

Being obese or overweight increases your risk of:

    Type 2 diabetes
    Some cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon)
    Coronary heart disease
    Hypertension (high blood pressure)
    Gallbladder disease
    Sleep apnea and respiratory problems
    Dyslipidemia (high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol,
        or high levels of triglycerides)

WIth all of these potential health problems associated with being overweight, body mass index (BMI) can be an important tool in assessing health risks.

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